Woodcraft Carpentry

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Unique Living Spaces


This whimsical half bath has curved walls which gently flow around the room, up into the ceiling and under the counter creating a continuous fluid effect.  As you enter the curved doorway you are greeted by a swarm of 33 dragonflies stamped in plaster above the doorway and painted copper.


The curves continue through the counter and floor handcrafted in concrete dyed terra cotta and  green to create a flowing waterlike pattern with inlays of fish, dragonflies and flowers made from hand cut stone and polished glass.  In the center of the floor is an inlay Tree of Life design in hand cut stones and polished geodes.


The faucet is set into a copper backsplash with a hand punched design and topped with a handcarved sunflower and leaf design in cedar.  Cedar posts flank the double mirror and the curved copper and cedar shelf unit.    The cedar backsplash curves around the counter and has carved ridges mimicking water and is inlaid with handcut copper fish and stones.   A puzzle shape drawer is set into the corner and pulls out at a curved angle.  


A swarm of 33 dragonflies greet you above the doorway A hammered copper sink is set on a curved concrete countertop with inlays. Special stones are inlaid in the counteropt

The cedar  backsplash has copper fish inlaid into it with along with stones.   Dragonfly inlay in corner of counter.

The top of the copper faucet has a carved flower design.

The copper backsplash has a hand punched design.


This is a closeup of an inlaid copper fish on the front of a curved drawer which pulls out.

Copper inlaid fish and stone are part of the cedar backsplash which is carved in gentle ripples to mimic water.


The copper curved corner unit has handcarved shelves which are curved on the bottom

This is a shelf above the toilet which is made from concrete and inlaid with stones and tile.
Concrete Floor with inlays flowers in handcut stone Closeup of Tree of Life inlay of stone and polished geos in center of floor. Closeup of flower inlaid in floor in polished glass.

The rail around the middle of the wall is handcut in gentle curves and pieced together like a puzzle. The rails are cut like puzzle pieces with copper outlining cutouts and nailed with copper nails. The toilet paper holder is carved out of wood.

Scott built this addition.  The shingles are individually handcut.  See below for more details.


The beam over the front door has a hand carved sunflower.




The dormer has handcut shingles and hand carved beams.  The detailing at the peak is a dragonfly with copper.


Scott built this timber frame post and beam studio for his wife.    He cut down the trees on his property and milled the lumber with a portable sawmill.  He hand hewn the timbers and used the traditional and very labor intensive method of Timber Joinery whereby wood beams are joined by shaping the adjoining wood members to interlock using mortise and tenon joinery.  The mated joints are restrained by inserting wooden pegs into holes bored through the interlocked beams. 


Copper panels in peak are are a hand punched design of dragonflies and stars.

This shelf is hand inlaid with river stones, glass and crystals and the leaf imprint is done in concrete.