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Custom Playhouses and Treehouses

This custom playhouse was designed and built by Scott Clarke of Woodcraft Carpentry.  Scott is a master craftsman who combines expert carpentry skills with his unique artistry to create earthy and whimsical, yet functional, works of art.

This playhouse structure is a traditional timber frame construction  designed with soft curves, and built using recycled cedar logs.  He utilizes the feng shui concept of creating meandering edges and curves on the roof, windows and turret which allow for the best flow of chi.  He  hand cuts curves in each window as well as the shingles which create a fluid water like effect on the turret and roof.  The rounded sunflower and vine design in the door is hand carved along with the door handle of a ladybug perched on a leaf.  His work utilizes crystals and other hand carved motifs such as bees and dragonflies which symbolize and draw the positive energies of nature.  The railing in the front of the house is a hand cut heart and tulip shape, and the railing on the upper balcony is made from cedar branches sanded and smoothed but in keeping with their natural shape.  The upstairs loft inside is curved with a window seat and has unique oval doors which slide apart to gain entry to the upper balcony and tubular slide attached to the back of the house.

Scott began creating his unique works in Vancouver, Canada where he grew up, followed by several years in the Los Angeles and Malibu area.  He has now launched his new business here in Connecticut.  In addition to his unique playhouses, he has created treehouses and dog houses;   custom furniture and cabinets; as well as timberframe pergolas and outdoor structures.  

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The playhouses are custom designed and personalized for each individual.  The prices begin at $20,000 and goes up from there depending on the amount of extensive hand labor including detailed handcarvings, handcut windows, handcut shingles as well as size.  The yellow, orange and green playhouse features a second floor loft with window seat and upper and lower deck.  The most labor intensive details such as handcut windows, handcarved door and handcut shingles can be eliminated to fit a smaller budget.   He has a great design for a pirate ship playhouse that he would love to build.  Set your imagination free!!  

Handcarved Door with Sunflower and dragonfly and bees.  The bell has a wood top with handcarved hearts and crystals embedded in it.  The hearts are copper wire enclosing a larger crystal above a bell and a handcarved ladybug which rings the bell.  The heart below the ladybug has a B which is the first initial of the owners last name.  These are special personalized details that make these so special.

All the windows are hand cut which took several weeks alone.  The upper deck is round and has hearts and tulip shapes cut into the wood.  The roof and house shingles are all hand cut and the roof design is gentle sloping curves.

This is the upper loft inside the playhouse (left) and the downstairs area (right).


Playhouse interior curtains and cushions made by Lynn Chalk.  www.lynnchalk.com






This playhouse has all handcut windows.  The cedar siding on the turret is handcut to create the curved design as are all the roof shingles.  The sunflower design in the door is handcarved and the so is the upper deck railing.   There is a handcut oval door with windows on the upper deck which leads to the second floor loft inside the playhouse.  The railing in the front of the house is a handcut heart and tulip shape.



This is a closeup of  the handcarved door of a sunflower and vines.  To the left is the detail of a bell with a crystal and bead ringer and the door handle of a ladybug on a leaf.  These types of handcarved details of any motif can be incorporated into any of his pieces.    To the right is a closeup of a fairy bed made from twigs and wood.  There is a velvet and silk blanket and pillow inside and a gold fringed sheer canopy over the fairy bed.    These are the small kinds of artistic details that can be put into any playhouse.


This is the upstairs loft of the playhouse.  There is a windowseat and the gold round doors open sideways into the wall to enter the upstairs deck and slide. Below right is a picture of the loft from the downstairs angle.    You climb the log ladder to the loft.



This is a treehouse Scott made for a family in Malibu California.  There are all types of styles and themes that can be incorporated into any of his custom playhouses or treehouses.